jNet Technology is a “technology enabler” company in the business of developing JavaCard & Global Platform Operating Systems under contract with silicon manufacturers and smartcard integrators for Government Departments/Agencies and Commercial Businesses, both foreign and domestic. Our licensees either obtain the necessary training and port jNet’s source code to their chosen smartcard chip or contract jNet’s team to complete the entire project for them from inception through security certification.

jNet’s unified code base has been under active “clean room” development for over eight years and has been ported to a variety of chips, from 8-bit to 32-bit. Over the years, this high-performance JavaCard Virtual Machine (VM) has evolved into a compact, modular, mature, portable, secure and flexible platform. It has undergone extensive testing and security validations and is FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria (CC) certification-ready, out of the box.

Technology-wise, we offer JavaCard technology licensees two baselines:

JavaCard v3.0.4 “Classic” + Global Platform v2.2.1 with most optional features implemented and easily configurable. This baseline is geared towards security evaluations like FIPS 140-2 and/or Common Criteria for Government ID, ePassport, multi-application banking cards and other high assurance deployments.

JavaCard v2.2.2 + Visa GP2.1.1 is a small footprint, yet secure and fully a compliant implementation well suited for banking, transit, loyalty, ID or as a base JavaCard platform where many proprietary features are desired.


For customers seeking complete solutions for their smart cards, jNet offers a license to all the necessary O/S technology components. Our product offering includes hardware abstraction layer for a chosen platform, kernel with contact and contactless I/O library, JavaCard v3.0.4 Classic with Global Platform v.2.2 supporting many advanced features shown on the diagram below.

A typical jNet’s JavaCard / Global Platform mask includes Java Card Virtual Machine (JCVM), Java Card Runtime Environment (JCRE), Java Card API class libraries, Crypto library, Global Platform implementation and any optional applets integrated in ROM. The advanced cryptographic and vertical market accelerators provide the “unfair competitive advantage” to system solution providers because they offer near native performance for their deployed applets yet minimize their size and complexity by providing the needed functionality built-into the JavaOS itself. The silicon provider’s crypto library implementation for its DES, RSA, AES and ECC operations include the built-in countermeasures and protection profile(s) for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL5+ certifications.

Whether our customers are silicon manufacturers, card manufacturer or system integrators, jNet would deliver a complete package with binary mask and all required tools to create a fully compliant Global Platform product.


jNet has a very experienced JavaCard applet development team that over the years has created many applets of varying complexity per our customers’ specifications. What sets the jNet applet development team apart from others is our extensive knowledge of JavaCard VM and Global Platform internals.

Applets are developed by jNet engineers intimately familiar with internal workings of the Java VM and Global Platform. Such know-how allows us to deliver well-designed, compact, performance tuned and well behaved applets for a variety of JavaCard implementations. Whether one needs custom applet development services in Government ID, health, transit, banking or other sectors they can count on jNet’s professional team of highly skilled applet developers.

About us

jNet has been working with Sun Microsystems’ JavaCard licensees since 2003 as a developer.

In 2011, jNet became a JavaCard licensee itself and now offers a complete range of products & services starting with applet development and JavaCard source code licensing.

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